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Coming in 2022

Tell me when it's ready!

Become the Ultimate Spellcrafter

Exert control over chaos with elemental dice as you craft new spells, explore unknown magicks, and perform heroic deeds!

Mercurial Alpha is now on Tabletop Simulator!

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Discover a New Age of Spellcrafting

You'll start with Elemental Dice and Mana Crystals. Your Elemental Dice determines what Spells you can synthesize.

Master Alteration techniques or use Artifacts to control the chaos of your Elemental Dice.

Synthesize your dice and Mana Crystals into Spells. Because the rules of spellcrafting in Valanyr have been radically altered, you can combine Spells of different elements to craft new & unknown magicks!

Explore Beyond the Frontier

Once decimated and corrupted by an ancient cataclysm, the otherworldly land of Valanyr is finally safe & open for exploration. Join other mages as you seek your fortune in this new frontier.

From helping fighters slay ferocious beasts, saving explorers from deadly traps to finding a path for lost travellers, make a name for yourself by performing the heroic deeds of aiding your fellow man.

Become a master of spellcrafting to attract the attention of Arcanas — enigmatic, mysterious creatures that are unique to Valanyr.

Forge a Unique Path

asymmetric classes

Choose a starting Class with asymmetric powers and resources. You'll also start with a random Artifact, making each playthrough a new experience even if you've played a certain Class before.


Forge a unique path each game based on Alteration techniques learnt and the Heroic deeds performed. Be remembered in legends & songs as a Beastslayer, Saviour, Pathfinder or Runebreaker.

What new Spells will you create?

A Spell card from MercurialA Spell card from MercurialA Spell card from MercurialA Spell card from Mercurial

Mercurial is a work-in-progress

Join us over at our Facebook group to follow our progress and be part of the development process!



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David Goh

Game Designer & Illustrator
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Ryan Mennen

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Thomas Tan

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Chen Wei

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Yang ShaoXuan

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Beverley Yim

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Jeannette Wang

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Uenki Yong

Concept Artist
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Cover Artist